#8: Teenage Talking Head


Let’s be honest: Most of the talking heads and political pundits on the major networks rarely say anything that you haven’t already heard from another talking head. Or from your next-door neighbor. Or, more likely, that you haven’t already thought of yourself. 

It often seems like the main prerequisite to becoming a political commentator on the national stage is you gotta have opinions. Lots of them. Hunches, too. Throw in some speculation, a prediction or two, and a nice haircut, and you’re well on your way.  

After the Democratic debate on Tuesday, I was looking for an expert like that to share such insights with me (and you). To highlight the key moments from the debate. To “unpack” it all. Most of all, I needed someone to tell me what to think about what I’d just witnessed.

Suddenly it hit me: I know a guy like that — someone with plenty of political opinions, a willingness to share them, and nice hair. (He’s also happens to be a very smart and observant guy.)

Introducing Searching for Bernie’s new in-house political analyst — my 17-year-old son: