#6: Audio Extras, Vol. 1


As I read about and watch and listen to Bernie’s campaign, I’m constantly clipping and starring and highlighting material. Much of it is audio, and most of it never makes it into episodes of this podcast.

Yet those clips are worth a listen. They’re informative and entertaining — and they really don’t need any set-up from me. 

So, instead of waiting to find a way to seamlessly weave those clips into a future episode, I’ll share them with you now. 


Show notes: 

  • Feel the Bern #4: a video by MagnumDB that charts the fall and rise of Bernie’s campaign.
  • Jon Stewart on a key difference between Hillary and Bernie
  • Sarah Silverman introduces Bernie in Los Angeles
  • Brian Estes sings Hey Bernie 
    On his YouTube page, Brian writes: I've never written a song for a political candidate. I don't generally trust politicians or find them particularly inspiring. Bernie's got me fired up though. It's refreshing to see somebody who not only disagrees with Citizens United, but also refuses to run a campaign with super PAC money. Listen to what Bernie Sanders is saying. Look what he's done in his political career. Figure out whether you agree with him or not and why. Vote your conscience, not what you think is "safe."
  • Sound bed: Buddy Guy, by Podington Bear