#20: Governor Michael Dukakis: Our Interview


I’ve been a longtime admirer of Michael Dukakis, first when he served as Governor of Massachusetts (where I grew up), and later when he became the Democratic party’s nominee for president in 1988.

My memories, though, are less about his policies, and more about him personally: Dukakis always struck me as a decent, upstanding guy. 

When Gov. Dukakis endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, I can’t say I was surprised. Almost all of the party’s leaders have backed Hillary, but I still haven’t heard a convincing explanation of why.

So, on a lark, my son Caleb and I wrote to the Governor, and asked for an interview. And being the decent, upstanding guy that he is, the Governor accepted. 

We talked about Bernie and Hillary... campaign finance reform... lessons from the 1988 presidential campaign... negative advertising... Elizabeth Warren... and lots more. 

I hope you enjoy listening to the interview as much as Caleb and I enjoyed producing it.  

Show notes